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Find out how you can be involved in planning, outreach, mentoring, design, and feedback.


Find out how you can partner with us and host the learning program at your space.


Find out how you can be a volunteer, mentor, instructor, director, or contributor.


Find out how you can support the program


You are the center of the project, and this could not happen without the passion of youth in the Coahoma community driving the project forward. We keep in constant touch with young people who want to have voice and impact and involvement.

We want to hear from you in regard to everything from brand design to curriculum development to what you want to learn, to whether you would be interested in being a paid mentor to other youth after you have gone through the program. 

If you have interest in the project, please fill out this interest form with your contact information and interests, and we'll be in touch with you.


We have partnered with a variety of community organizations in Coahoma County to connect the resources that the program offers with youth. So far, we have relationships with churches, after-school programs, public schools, youth groups, local governments, and more.

‚ÄčThe program can provide an engaging and exciting addition to an organization, and help a program engage and attract youth. We can work with program directors to develop curriculum that enhances or enriches your existing activities, and provide training for directors with our curriculum and materials.We plan to tailor activities to the specific needs of programs we partner with so that the youth you work with get the most out of the experience.

We are very excited to connect with more programs and would love to be in conversation with you about how we can create a mutually beneficial partnership.


We're incredibly excited to work with local community leaders and educators. If you're a teacher, we can figure out how the program can engage with your classroom and enrich your lessons. If you have a passion you would like to teach, we'd love to be in touch.


We're in the process of looking for funding by applying to grants and getting to know local organizations with an interest in investing in the future of Coahoma County. As an educational initiative with a focus on college and career preparedness for youth, we value engagement, empowerment, and equity. We're interested in talking to organizations who share those value about how we can leverage resources to have the greatest impact.

We would like to hear from you about feedback on the project and where we can receive assistance moving forward.